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hit or miss, send it to us at and thanks to my panel and all of you for watching, giggo, enjoy your labor day and hope to see you here next. >> jon: on fox news watch. >> i h'd talk to talk about iraq. >> troubles facing him and his party, was this a presidential moment or a 2010 campaign push? and how did the media react. >> we must not fundamentally transform america as some would want. woo he must restore america and restore her honor! >> sarah palin joins glenn beck and thousands of americans at the restoring honor rally in washington. but despite the nonpolitical tone of the event, the mainstream media attacked.
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let's face it, the moment may have been religious and nominally, nonpartisan, but the movement was anything, but. >> jon: a twitter trap with a bogus message is sent and the media take the bait. who got stung the worse. >> jon: environmental militant or disturbed kook? how did the press label and report the discovery channel gunman and why does it matter? and the media take note of the president's vacation schedule, the late night swipe. on our panel this week, new york post columnist kirsten powers and washington managing editor, bill salmon, jim pinkerton fellow new america foundation and news day columnist elliss henican. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. straight from his martha's vineyard vacation, president obama gave the world only his second oval office address
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taking some prime time to talk about the end of combat orangeses in iraq and then the economy and the next day hosted peace talks between israeli and palestinian leaders in washington. on friday then, following a report of an increase in unemployment, the president addressed the press and promised americans better days ahead. let's talk about this oval office address, first. there's all kinds of media buildup. more than a week's worth from the white house, did it live up to the hype? >> i think it was an awkward speech for the president to give. remember, he had declared the iraq war a dumb war. he had basically gotten to be president through his opposition to the war. and now, he has to stand up there and mark this milestone without declaring victory and i think there was a lot of reminders that both he and biden said the surge would fail. pelosi and reid said that it did fail and in fact, harry reid said the war had been lost. >> jon: did the press pick up on it? >> i think the press picked up a little bit, but used the
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occasion to retrash george w. bush for getting us into the war in the first place, you saw a lot of those clips. so, it was kind of a no-win situation for obama. it wasn't ever his issue. he had to be careful not to be triumphant and have another mission accomplished moment and i think the press didn't really know what to make of it. >> there was the sort of weird turn where he starts talking about the economy. i guess, taking a war speech and turning it into, you know, i feel your pain, was that reflected in the coverage? >> well, yeah, because i think that most people found it almost a little strange that he was even giving this address for precisely the reasons that were just outlined and also because most americans frankly don't want to hear about the iraq war and are concerned about the economy, they want to hear about the economy, they want to know what he's doing to fix it and i think that most people feel like if he's going to be addressing americans, he should be talking about that. >> judy miller who fits on the panel frequently writes an article, for the website, an
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overwhelmed president gives a dutiful speech. is he overwhelmed? >> i'll just say this, he didn't really want to give the speech. it not in his instinct. he's domestic by nature and anti-war and told him, look, if you've got troops in two fields of battle or you'vee got a stand for a reasonable offer and he gave kind of a wet noodle speech the most memorable quote is turn the page. what soldier wants to go turn the page. that shows the ambivalence and i think the reporting picked up on that. >> and the president mentioned his predecessor in the speech and bush 43 said no one can doubt president bush's support for our troops or his love of country and commitment to our security. a lot of folks in the liberal media didn't seem to like that too much. >> well, listen, it's a gracious moment at a time where the news actually is on the current president's side. i mean, it is good news that
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combat efforts are ending now and something worth celebrating. to me the lesson is more of a theatrical francly than a political one. this guy is not nearly as good in the oval office as he is in front of a crowd and i understand there was a desire to do this in a somber tone, but, you know, we have a president who is capable of tremendous oratory and tremendous public motel evaluation and somehow, that doesn't translate as well when he's sitting behind a desk. >> well, you got a nod of agreement i think from bill salmon, he's not quite the master when he's behind the desk? >> i never understood the hype about obama being a great or atore during the campaign. i saw him on the campaign trail hometown in cleveland i thought he's pretty good, but to hear the hype that he was the greatest ortore since cicero i think it was overdone. >> maybe he was having an off day. because i have to say i've found him, and i know plenty of conservatives as well not just because i identify with his politics who found him a great oratore.
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this is not his strength, he comes off wooden, and isn't the best way for him to be communicating with america. >> maybe a dozen folding chairs in front of the desk in the oval office, but seriously, jon is a master at talking to nobody, but i mean, a lot of people are doing better when they're talking to actual people. >> he had better lines during the campaign. he had nothing quotable during the two years he's president. >> jon: and new headlines and the president headed straight for the rose garden and looking to buck people up and say things are going to get better. i get the impression that the media are tired of picking up the tune and not necessarily singing along with them, are they? >> i think they've been saying it too long, probably from the media's perspective and most americans perspective, but this is the reality. we don't-- we can't live in-- reality is not some movie where everything is tied up in two hours, reality it's going to take time to get through it and the challenge for him is to be able to communicate in a
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way-- >> reality the unemployment rate is not going to rise above 8 1/2%. >> 8% according to christina roamer, the problem is not the problem they're facing, like president reagan we're facing tough times '81 '82. obama said the opposite, that's the problem, the credibility not the reality. >> does he need to get on the media and ask the country for sacrifice, is that this kind of time? >> i'm not sure that would hurt. i would focus more on a clear vision of what the program is. i mean, i don't know that anyone really, frankly has much instantly that's going to pull us out of the recession. yes, it does go back to the previous president, but you do have to sell it and have a simple message aen think they've fallen on that. >> i think there's a growing realization that the administration is out of bullets, they've done stimulus and health care and the president is going to give one of the rare press conferences in about a week and he'll be getting a lot of questions on the economy then. and we'll have to see whether anyone's buying this notion
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that it's going to get better before the mid terms, i don't think it's going to get better before the mid terms. >> in those press conferences, he doesn't have the flowering oratory in the speeches. >> or the teleprompter. >> oh. >> that's where he got in trouble with the beer summit where he. >> that's true. >> he was off script and didn't have the teleprompter and made a flub and had to have a beer summit. >> the only president that has trouble going off the teleprompter. come on. i think that he-- the problem with the press conferences is that the media now has sort of turned against him so he's going to be in a sort of hostile environment. they made the biggest mistake they could make, overpromised. he should have underpromised and let people be happily surprised what happened. instead they claimed that unemployment wouldn't be above 8%, why would you-- >> i always keep my expectations very, very low. >> i wouldn't say the media turned against them i think they dialed back the fawning coverage hatch had a notch and
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it's noticeable. >> it's time for a break, first check out our new website and keep an eye on the big media stories in our watch list section and go behind the scenes and listen to the discussions that we have here during the break and one is about to erupt right now. it's all very interesting. up next, glenn beck holds a rally in washington and the media pounced. >> it didn't matter if you were poor or you were rich, we were americans together. >> glenn beck, sarah palin and other coverts meet up with thousands of americans at the restoring honor rally in our nation's capitol, but despite the nonpolitical tone of the event the mainstream media attacked and attacked some more. have the media elite lost touch with what concerns americans? and an environmental militant nut takes his rage to a new level. did the press make an did the press make an inconvenient connect of people n do one thing and one thing only. and those people are what i like to call wrong.
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>> america is at a crossroads and there is a clear and simple choice. do we choose to just look at the stars? do we choose to look back or do we do what every great generation has done in america in times of trouble? look ahead. dream about what we're going to become, know the worried about what we are.
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>> fox news, glenn beck at the national mall last weekend. headlining the restoring honor rally in our nation's capital. not everyone was exactly warm to that rally. >> we've got a conservative, a benediction, a religious moment, but let's face it the moment may have been religious and nominally nonpartisan, but the movement was neg, but. the crowd that glenn beck brought to washington this weekend is united in its secular intention, determined to bring down a president and united in its politics, don't kid yourself. conservatives from mall to ma mall. >> paul: all right, jim, this event was for people like keith olbermann and mathews was red meat why. >> we've talked about templates and how reporters follow stories. and some wait for the event to happen and check the box, here is what happened. and some have glenn beck as an
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excho alcoholic extremist and edelivered the message to the voters and that's the news. >> i'm sorry, i love the idea you act like it sort of comes out of nowhere, like where did the narrative of the glenn beck come from? watch his show, that's where it came from, this is his narrative what he presents to the world. >> didn't give that-- >> at the mall. >> it's not unreasonable for them to have anticipated that. >> watch the speech. >> they did. >> it's one thing to anticipate it and another thing to be spoiling for a fight. if you watch the coverage leading up to the rally the press was-- >> he could have disabused them of that. >> they wanted punches thrown and racist signs and wanted to write the story and crestfallen when it turned into a church picnic. gee he's a mormon and maybe attacked-- >> they didn't know how to cover. >> it was nearly all white. they kept saying the nearly all white rally. did they say that the sharpton
6:45 am
rally was nearly all black? it was the last grasp-- >> look, you can't though be an ideological warrior 364 days a year. >> exactly. >> and one day deliver a boring speech and have everybody suggest that you are an ideological warrior. >> if he delivers an ideological red meat speech, if he didn't. >> no, no. >> and on the other days-- >> you judge the speech as delivered, but you are what ush. but you can't-- if you have a message of goodwill you're still criticized. >> not a matter of winning and loser, it's a perspective to the audience. >> look at the actual coverage that happened, it's exactly what you said it was. they covered it exactly as it was, maybe they c crestfallen, but when say this is what happened. i think he this could have been more critical. the fact that he's the messiah. >> and i'm sorry to interrupt, but listen to the headline,
6:46 am
white fright, glenn beck's rally was large, vague, moist and undirected, the water world of white self pity. >> i'm talking about washington post the mainstream media. slate is an outlet-- >> and kathleen parker. >> a great column. >> on the cnn payroll ought to be disclosing that she's bashing fox-- she didn't care what beck said and-- >> it's not bashing fox to criticize glenn beck. we're having a conversation, i mean, glenn beck is a public-- >> you have to acknowledge glen beck has made his bed and done it effectively. terrific numbers for all of us and a wonderful thing perhaps, but you can't make him out to be some poor, beaten down-- >> he can take care of himself, but what is amusing though, again, the way the reporters had the story written in advance and then ran it anyway even though-- >> they didn't run it anyway.
6:47 am
>> ugly inest and in the end the only one that exhibited angry and ugliness was the press themselves. >> they dialed back and turned up the criticism of the american people, why they called them spoiled brats. >> jon: we've got to go. take another break, first, if you come across a story you think shows media bias, e-mail us, news up next when it comes to twitter messages are the media way too trusting? >> we're all atwitter. one bad twitter jokes the mainstream press and other twitters lightning fast news of a nut amok and some in the media raising eyebrows over the president's endless ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done.
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>> this is hike wise-- mike wise, a respected wroter for "the washington post," suspended after posting a twitter message about pittsburgh steelers ben rot list burger, he'll get five games and since he's a respected reporter, the review and cbs sports went with that apparent scoop and cited his reporting. the problem is, his story was fake. for the record, on friday, nfl commissioner roger goodle reduced rot roethlisberger's suspension and they'll go with anything without checking it. >> and will the me be the first with that, to be
6:52 am
relieved of that duty. listen, one of the problems those of us who operate in the mainstream media are also expected to operate in a much looser environment where the rules really don't apply if you're going to be effective and it's going to be a class that's going to continue to get our colleagues in trouble. >> i think the rules apply. i don't think the fact it's on twitter ab solves you of the journalistic being truthful. whether you're blogging or putting it on twitter or facebook or dead tree newspapers, you've got to be right about this stuff and putting it out there and hoping that a falsehood gets perpetuated throughout the media one reason the public doesn't trust the press. >> jon: and another story via twitter, the discovery channel gunman, he fired a shot and took three homes. now, eventually he was shot dead by police after negotiations stalled.
6:53 am
the three edges who were freed without injury. once the mainstream media started to cover this, how was lee labeled, bill, and why is that important? >> well, a lot of the press didn't want it focus on the fact that some of his tendencies, according to his manifesto seemed to be left wing, influnced by al gore's movie, talked a lot about environmentalism, some press reported it responsibly, eco terrorism and some said he was an environmental militant. imagine if this was a crazy right wing guy in the manifesto, and said i just came from the glenn beck rally. we'd have leading in the new york times. it's a double standard. >> jon: the not so nice profile and sarah palin and "vanity fair" released what some are calling a hatchet job, profile written by michael gross entitled, sarah palin the sound and fury, points her as abusive, po t
6:54 am
potty-mouthed and a bad tipper to boot. you've taken a look at the article, even as a left leaning member of the panel you don't like it. >> i thought it was atrocious. and people who enjoy these articles they can do it to you or somebody you like. reality of what he wrote was an article that-- everything he said about palin you could say about almost every man in politics and they made all of these anonymous sources making these accusations making it seem like she's crazy and out of control because she has a temper of course we know most male politicians have tempers and go through the things that male politicians do and try to spin it into a story that gives insight into sarah palin. it didn't add anything to understanding her. >> "vanity fair" magazine pretty well-known caliber, did they stoop to a low here? >> put it this way, the palin organization vowed no cooperation with the story whatsoever and the guy miraculously vowed the people
6:55 am
who knew inside stuff what's going on inside the palin household. given what we know about journalism, i wouldn't surprised if the guy never left new york and made it up. >> it's a hit job and there's another template, jim, another narrative we should be careful of here, maybe some of-- the whining, cons standpoint whining about the media coverage. you hear it from glenn beck, frankly, a lot from sarah palin and in the end you don't want to be the politician to says, oh, the media is so mean, they're awful to me and every-- but every-- fair enough, but in the 800 other pieces that sarah palin's complained about. >> the idea, the argument she doesn't let us talk to enough people so we'll make up stuff about her, that is basically what they're saying, you know, and there has to be some journalist journalistic-- and "vanity fair" i sort of respect that. >> and one more break. and then all the president's vacations.
6:56 am
>> he's been here, he's been there, he's been, well, on vacation, and late night tv vacation, and late night tv takes delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. new activia dessert. ♪ activia
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>> jon: last week the first family was on a march that vineyard's vacation escaping the d.c. grind. now less than a week back to work, off back. a lot of it has brought the attention of late night tv.
6:59 am
>> they are up in his business about taking too many vacations. let him take a vacation. then last night, i saw the oval office address, maybe there is something to this. >> this is a cbs news special report, president obama's address to the nation. >> the nation has known hard times before. [ laughter ] >> that is a joke. we did that. we put a phony shirt on the guy. here is what really happened here is what really happened. watch this. >> we're trying to build for our nation truth and lasting peace. [ laughter ] >> jon: that is wrap on news watch for this week. thanks on the panel

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